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Customer loyalty is harder to come by these days because people have so many more options than they once did. If a customer can't access your commercial establishment due to a security or access issue, he or she may not bother to come back. As business owners, we understand that you can't afford any amount of downtime. Issues with keys or locks can prevent employees from reaching their work areas or the supplies they need to perform their jobs. Rather than pay people to be idle, contact Deerfield IL Locksmith Store 24 hours a day. We will arrive to perform service and reprogramming for digital locks, unlocking or repairing different types of safes, installation of buzzer systems, or any other commercial locksmith service that you require.

The service technicians at Deerfield IL Locksmith Store have years of experience working with all types of commercial locks. This includes everything from safes to high security locks with various security settings. When you contact us, we dispatch one or more technicians to your business property who come equipped with all the tools they need to correct your access problem. Whether you need us to cut off old rusty padlocks, perform car key extraction on a company vehicle, or another commercial locksmith service, we will do it as quickly as possible while still maintaining the high quality associated with our company.

Lock Changes

We offer lock changes for our commercial clients to ensure that their business is completely secure. If you have experienced a recent break-in or had to fire an unstable employee, changing the locks is the best way to protect your employees and business assets. The service technicians at Deerfield IL Locksmith Store are available to assist small businesses as well as those with constant turnover of customers, such as a hotel.

Lock Damage

When you notice a damaged lock at your business in Deerfield, IL or the areas surrounding it, contact us right away for help as this could be a huge security threat. It can also have a negative effect on the productivity of your employees. Our technicians will determine the reason for the lock damage and repair it right away. We also carry a selection of replacement locks in case the damage is so extensive that repair isn't possible.

Safe/Cabinet Locks

Some documents or other business assets are so confidential or valuable that they need to be stored behind lock and key. Many business owners chose a safe or a lockable filing cabinet for this purpose. If you have either of these items and can't locate their key, call on Deerfield IL Locksmith Store for immediate assistance. We will enable you to regain access no matter what time it is.

Emergency Exit Lock

If there's one thing you don't want to take any chances with, it's your emergency exit lock. A malfunctioning lock could prevent people from exiting the building in an emergency as well as subject you to fines and other penalties. We recommend that you routinely check the functioning of the door and lock and contact us immediately if you detect a problem. Our experienced crew will correct the issue and give you the peace of mind of knowing that emergency exits are available if needed.

Key Changes

Losing a key to a commercial building is even more of a hassle than losing a residential key. The inability to get into the building or a secured area prevents people from doing their jobs. If you can't open the building, customers will not be able to patronize your business. At Deerfield IL Locksmith Store, we know this is not acceptable for any business owner. Just contact us at 847-841-0254 24 hours a day and we will be out to duplicate your keys or create entirely new ones.

Master Key Systems

We frequently recommend master key systems to our commercial clients in the Deerfield, IL area because we have seen what a difference it can make for company security. A master key system enables you to determine individual levels of access for each person in the company. Deerfield IL Locksmith Store can also create sub-master keys for even greater control of the comings and goings of your employees.

We work with all types of businesses, including:

  • RestaurantsDeerfield IL Locksmith Store Deerfield, IL 847-841-0254
  • Office Spaces
  • Assisted Living Care Centers
  • Business Outlets
  • Schools / Universities
  • Hotels / Motels
  • Hospitals
  •  Apartments
  • Banks

Every business has security challenges, but they are different from one company to the next. Our commercial locksmith professionals have resolved complicated security issues for businesses of all types and sizes. If you're considering a security upgrade, contact us at 847-841-0254 to request a free consultation. Our technician may recommend installing new locks on doors, changing out mailboxes, or another service to ensure that your commercial dwelling is as secure as possible.